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The Tuskegee airmen were so called because most of the African American pilots were trained at Tuskegee University in Alabama during the 1940s. Through their bravery and actions, the Tuskegee airmen joined the ranks of other patriotic Americans who defended the United States of America against the Axis military powers during World War 2.
The story of the Tuskegee airmen has been chronicled in books, movies, and games.
The "Tuskegee Redtails" mobile game was conceived to help educate youth and others on the contribution the Tuskegee airmen made that helped turn the tide for the Allies in World War 2.
Experience Tuskegee airmen flight missions, fly the P-51 red tail from your iPhone, iPad, iPod and android and win prizes (scale model planes, money, and more) by accumulating points.
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